Professional Services offered:

  • ALTA commercial boundary surveys
  • Topographical, jurisdictional wetlands and tree locations for civil engineering design support
  • Subdivision platting
  • Landfill, airport and heavy marine and industrial surveys
  • SUE services
  • Mean High Water Line, Safe Upland Line and Hydrographic Surveying Services
  • GPS, LIDAR mapping and remote sensing services
  • Laser scanning


Construction Services

R.E. Holland & Associates, Inc. provides all manner of light and heavy construction layout services, including project horizontal and vertical control, construction layout, construction monitoring, quantity verification, progress surveys and As-Built surveying services to general contracting firms. We specialize in airport runway construction, landfill construction, heavy industrial and port construction as well as utility and subdivision construction.

R.E. Holland and Associates, Inc. provides:

  • Project control, horizontal and vertical
  • Construction monitoring, construction layout
  • Quantity verification
  • As-Built surveying services

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